Friday, February 17, 2012

D'banj parts with Genevive

They have never publicly admitted that they are dating. They either say they are just good friends or avoid the question completely. This however didn’t stop people from believing they were dating, as they were always seen together acting like love birds. Then came the gist about D’banj hosting a birthday bash for the Nollywood actress.

Well according to, whatever love they both seemingly had for each other is gone, thanks to an embarrassing incident which occurred in London.
“One of the reasons for their break-up is the story of how Genevieve was given the embarrassment of her life by a London-based Nigeria babe days before her last birthday.
It would be recall that D’banj and the Mo’hit crew treated Genevieve to a surprise birthday bash in London last year.
We learnt D’banj had earlier hooked up with Genevieve at a hotel and later in the day, took her to a departmental store to shop for a befitting birthday outfit.
According to sources, D’banj over the years he lived in London, was in a serious relationship with a girl. Coincidently, D’banj’s girl and the girlfriend of his partner, Don Jazzy are pals.
While the story was on in Nigeria that D’banj was in romance with Genevieve, the star musician we hear, was denying the fact and telling his London-based babe that the story about him and Genevieve was contrived by the Nigerian media and that apart from appearing in his video,  she was just an acquaintance in the industry.
Nemesis however caught up with D’banj when he took Genevieve to the shop.
We gathered that Don Jazzy also took his own babe on the trip. Insiders say Don Jazzy’s babe must have used her Blackberry to contact D’banj’s London-based girlfriend who arrived at the shop in a fury. What happened next was a blur as she allegedly attacked Genevieve and almost stripped her bare.
We were told that D’banj had to buy another dress for the actress to wear back to her hotel room.
This occurrence is said to be the reason they parted.”

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