Monday, April 25, 2011


This happened sometime last year. I posted this for Nigerians to see how bad the Force has become .It is kind of funny and pretty embarrassing, but the story in Ajegunle, along Lagos-Abeokuta Express is hilarious and sad at the same time. 3 police men engaged in a brawl over reason unexplained at the time.

People were seen scampering for safety, and nobody could tell what caused the fight, which got so messy that the policemen wrestled and dragged themselves on the ground.

The three fighters are corporals serving in the elite Mobile Police Force.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we have a few thousand words for you guys. Check out the pictures:

How do see it?


What is your take on female celebrities with tattoo? Your comments are very much welcomed.

Denrele Edun leaves Soundcity

Controversial Soundcity vee-jay, Denrele Edun, has confirmed his resignation from the popular urban music channel, Soundcity.
The popular presenter, who is famous for his peculiar lifestyle as well as for impressively conducting many red carpet interviews for the music channel, revealed that he voluntarily left his job of six years to pursue some other personal dreams.
“I resigned two weeks ago,” said Denrele, who has now attained a celebrity status, in a telephone conversation with X2. “I believe it was time I move on to a greener pasture and do other things for myself.”
Denrele, who is currently on the location of a yet-to-be titled new traditional epic movie with Funke Akindele and Yinka Quadri in Oyo State, also quickly dispelled rumours that his exit from his old job is fuelled by a fallout with his boss concerning his infamous picture with Charly Boy.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Polygamy church: Leader preaches, practises, enforces multiple marriage

There is controversy in town. It is in the church and it has been causing ripples among families, especially the women.
The issue of contention is the teaching of a pastor, Harrison Charles of the Day Spring Assembly that polygamy is holy, pure and biblical.

Expectedly, the female members of the church are up in arms as they won’t contemplate sharing their husbands with other women in marriage.

The charged nature of their reactions and the insistence of the preacher with copious bible quotatations have resulted in jolts and turbulence in homes. Some homes are in Disarray as the wives pack out in protest and the husbands with the support of their pastor press their claims that such men in the church must marry other wives.

We listened to the protest of the wives over this doctrine and also sounded out the preacher on his ‘unpopular’ message He insists God directed him to so preach.

…Our husband are gone, and they want the kids too

Men Are Crazy About My Boobs -Derayo Adeshina

Derayo Adeshina is an upcoming actress. In this interview with TOPE OLUKOLE, the Business Administration graduate spoke on her career and other issues. Excerpts:

What motivated you into acting?
It started when I was still in the secondary school. I belonged to a drama group. Apart from that, what really motivated me was when I watched Omotola Jalade in a movie entitled: ‘What I Want,’ I fell in love with the movie and the way she interpreted her role in the movie.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rita Dominic and Kate Henshaw Blackberry Addiction

The two ladies were spotted at a public function.
It was gathered that the 2 couldn’t do away with their blackberrys even in the faces of camera
I wonder why the two are not in Blackberry Babes Nigerian Movie.
So my advice to blackberry babes movie producer is?
The next time you want to release a movie of such, pick Rita and Kate first.

Jim Iyke Slip of Tongue at AMAA Awards Nite 2011

This story is about Nollywood Star Jim Iyke presentation at the AMAA Award Nite of 2011. Before any show organizers would call Nollywood actor Jim Iyke to present in any awards event in the future, they will definitely think twice or better still make sure it’s not going to be on a live telecast.
The actor suffered a “diarrhea of the mouth” attack during his slot to present an award at the event and was just drooling out homophobic and sexist remarks.
The actor started off with his comment about gays and their “weird” ways. “There is something wrong. It’s just wrong.” It was Co-presenter, Ikpe-Etim who cut him short saying, “Okay, that’s enough. I must apologize for my colleague. There is nothing wrong with being happy.”
The Co-presenter did not know what he had in stock for her until he told her to “shut up.” And capping it with an onstage banter, asking her to come to his room later and she asked what for, he replied, “You’re a Calabar girl, you should know, now!”
As if that is not enough, he switched from being a presenter to Women Rights activist, defending Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde’s weight gain talks accusing women of “popping pills” to stay slim.

Monday, April 11, 2011


                                                                                        OMONI OBOLI
WOW!!! Isn't she beautiful?


Fondly admired for her unique interpretation of scripts, Monalisa Chinda acts her roles with professionalism.  In this interview sent to Naija2geda , the Theatre Arts graduate of the University of Port-Harcourt and mother of one spoke with The Mirror’s Adunola Fasuyi. Excerpts:

Saturday, April 9, 2011

TUFACE -Fame have not changed me but it changed the way people other people see me

Innocent ‘Tuface’ Idibia is unarguably one of the biggest African artistes of his era to conquer the world. The multiple award-winning artiste spoke with Klieglights recently and opened up on some of his achievements, controversies that made headlines and his present marital status, among other things.
When speaking with Tuface, one can’t help but ask if all the fame has changed him as a person. “I’m still the same old me but I think it’s changed the way other people see me,” he confessed.

Toni Payne files for divorce

                                                                                  9ice and Toni exchanging vows
It seems Toni Payne can no longer curtail the recent development of 9ice having a baby from another woman. But could she be in the right track by filing for divorce. This one hard oh!


I am havig problems in comparing the two ladies in Nollywood, maybe you can help out!

I want to work with Rihanna and Nicki Minaj – D’banj, Nigerian Musician

Okay! So it’s no longer news that charmer D’banj is seeking to penetrate the west and take his music to a global audience. The entertainer, who has had it tough these past weeks following his romance with Goodluck Jonathan, had a more pleasant reason to be in the news on April 2, when he sat down with BET’s April Woodward to talk about his life and career. I reproduced the moving interview here… Enjoy!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The only regret is that I didn't kiss Charly Boy properly -DENRELE

                                                                                  Charly Boy and Denrele kissing
TV presenter, Denrele Edun, in an exclusive interview has regretted not kissing Charly Boy properly. What!!!!


                                                                                          Frank Edoho
                                                                         Frank Edoho behind Katherine
The popular presenter of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Frank Edoho has yet again left his matrimonial home, making his wife Katherine and kids to be helpless. This development is similar to his past records of breaking up with his wife, as the cause of this recent break up is yet to be ascertained.
It was also learnt that Katherine has sold the Lexus Jeep Frank bought for her for a lower priced Pathfinder jeep, and has also left the house abandoned by Frank for over a year over inability to continue to pay for the rent worth over 3-4million naira.


                                                                        Jide Kosoko raising up his hand
Actor, Jide Kosoko was captured in a fighting mood around 2PM , Ojota, Lagos.
It was gathered that he mistakingly ran into a man, with his four wheel drive but not injure the man. The man then immediately picked up an object and hit the car, which made the actor to hopped out and held on to the man but they were not quick to flex their muscles before passers-by came over to separate them.
Jide Kosoko had to part with some cash to appease the on-lookers that started hailing him.  

Saturday, April 2, 2011


                                                 9ICE and Toni Payne at traditional engagement
Like toni payne is aware of the relationship going on between 9ice and bukky.
Toni payne who is still legally married to 9ice (with 9ice’s 1st child) finally reacted to the situation via twitter. Here is the ‘suspicious’ tweet directed at bukky (9ice’s baby mama)
“Sum (some) people r so stupid. U av an affair with a married man, he throws his wife n son out in d dead of night, n u think Karma won’t get u.lmao”
She also denied the rumour going round that she’s engaged when she tweeted again
“I don’t get why dey can’t let me be. Contrary 2 what was reported in PUNCH newspapers, I am NOT Engaged. Pls dnt use ma name 2 cova ur crap.”

Abuja Lover delivers baby girl for 9ice

It’s a baby girl for singer 9ice and his Abuja-based partner Bukky!

Although the pair would prefer to keep it hush hush, we can reliably tell you that they are taking their relationship a step further with the arrival, early last week, of their first baby together.

Sources close to 9ice tell us the singer -who’s separated from his wife Toni Payne – has been a regular visitor to Abuja, since Bukky – a fair-complexioned older woman – took in last year.

The relationship has never been public, even though those close to the singer are well aware they’re seriously dating.

We cannot tell for now, if the pair is planning to get married; especially as 9ice and Payne are still legally married.

Multiple sources tell us this lady is the reason the singer has been a regular visitor to Abuja; and that his ex Toni Payne is – unhappily- aware of the relationship. ‘In fact almost all the ladies close to him know of her. She herself even went out of her way to contact them‘, our source offers.

Sources say Bukky’s baby, a girl, was delivered on Monday March 21. The baby is 9ice’s second. His first son named Zion was delivered on Thursday December 4, 2008, at Presbytarian Hospital, Southern California, United States of America.

I can tell you for sure that 9ice has gotten the girl pregnant, and she has put to bed. Toni knows. But even her is keeping quiet but it’ll be a source of embarrassment for her‘, one of 9ice’s close friends tells us. He does not want to be named.

I can’t tell if he’ll marry her or not. But she’s very close to him and I believe they’re serious‘. He disclosed.

9ice’s manager Dehinde Fajana through a telephone conversation, Fajana claimed that he is ignorant of the situation and questioned the existence of his boss’ Abuja partner.

‘Is there any partner there? Does 9ice have any partner in Abuja? I’m sorry, I don’t know’ Fajana responded.

9ice did not immediately respond to our enquiries.

Friday, April 1, 2011

INTERVIEW: Nigerian men won’t let me be, cries out Chinwe Isaac

Feeling fulfilled I’ve spent only three years in the industry, having joined in 2008. And since then, I have been working.  I’m sure I’d make my mark soon.
In the last three years , I have starred in a couple of movies and I’m sure I didn’t disappoint my fans.
Recently, I starred in ‘Destitute’ a trilogy movies  from the stable of Diamond Pictures, where I played my first major role. My  feature is bright in the industry.
I was formerly based in Owerri, Imo State and that where I’m registered with the state chapter of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN). But I had to relocate to Lagos, after I was offered admission to study Political Science at the Lagos  State University.

Some captured pictures from Encomium black and white ball in lagos

How do you see them?


Guinness®, the number one stout in Nigeria and arguably Nigeria’s most beloved beer, has stepped in on behalf of the millions of football loving fans in Nigeria to announce a football event that will take place in Abuja in June 2011.
In response to the growing calls for the Super Eagles to play a world class fixture against one of the top football nations in the world, Guinness® has negotiated on behalf of the fans with FIFA, the Nigerian Football Federation and the Argentine Football Association to bring the South American giant to play the Super Eagles in Nigeria on Wednesday 1st June as a FIFA accredited game.


Advertising, marketing and management guru Biodun Shobanjo has joined the panel for ‘Real Talk’, MTV’s upcoming seminar and executive discussion on Youth Marketing.
Biodun Shobanjo joins Alex Okosi (MTV Networks Africa), Ben Murray-Bruce (Silverbird Group), Leke Alder (Alder Consulting) and Mo Abudu (Inspire Africa) at the MTV sponsored event, to be held at the Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos at 15:00 on Wednesday 30 March 2011.

Dagrin Memorial Carnival Scheduled for April 21 at National Stadium in Lagos

Misofunyi Entertainment in partnership with Stingomania Records will host ‘The Dagrin Memorial Carnival’ on April 21 at National Stadium in Lagos. Speaking about the forthcoming event, Ope Banwo the chief executive officer of Stingomania Entertainment said “a Dagrin anniversary, particularly the first one, cannot be complete without his colleagues gathering together to salute him in the language he understands best, which is music. A carnival like this also gives his contemporaries a platform to express themselves on an annual basis.
We are therefore happy to be working with Dagrin’s father on this project with KSB helping us with her experience as a seasoned concert organizer.” With performances from musicians like Naeto C, KSB, DJ Zeez, Jaywon, YQ, Goldie, Edreez Abdulkareem, Sheyman, General Pype, Baba Nee, Kas, Flavour and Obesere PK1st, the carnival will include an awards session for the Best Dagrin Look-alike, Best Dagrin Tribute Song, Best Dagrin Collabo Song and Best Dagrin Collabo Video, Best Yoruba Rap, Best English Rap Artiste, Best Upcoming Hip-Hop Artiste and Best Upcoming Entertainer of the Year.
Banwo also revealed that “the proceeds from the concert will be applied to the Ghetto Dreamz Foundation for Young Entertainers” which he is organising while the rest will go to Dagrin’s estate for the welfare of the parents and siblings. “It is a charity project that I am very proud to be associated with”, Banwo said. In a related development Dagrin’s biopic ‘Ghetto Dreamz’ starring Trybson Dudukoko as Dagrin, Doris Simeon, Pa Kasumu, Rachael Oniga, and Gabriel Afolayan will be premiered on Friday April 22, 2011.

Timaya denies Collaborating with K Solo

Dance music rave and Dem Mama crooner, Timaya, has labelled the freshly released track, ‘I Don Know’ by producer cum performing artist, K Solo, as fraudulent. The Hip-Hop World Award winning singer, whose vocals were present on the track which premiered last weekend, denies ever being a part of the song on his Twitter page. ‘‘Pls my people, I didn’t record any song with ksolo, I have not seen him for the past nine months. My vocals on his song was copied from my song,’’ the self professed Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa tweeted in the morning of Tuesday, March 292011. Timaya also stated that he cannot remember recording any song with K Solo and suggested that the vocals were lifted from an old song he recorded at KSolo’s studio a long time ago. ‘I Don Know’ is the first official single off KSolo’s upcoming album, ‘Mr Pedigree’. KSolo, real name Solomon Oyeniyi, exclusively produced Timaya’s sophomore album, ‘Gift and Grace’, in 2008.

Wale Adenuga Production to premiere ‘The Perfect Church’ at Easter

Wale Adenuga Production (WAP) movie, The Perfect Church’ will premiere at the National Theatre, Lagos, on April 23 and rescreened on April 25, 2011. According to the production outfit, the movie which stars Olu Jacobs, Ramsey Nouah, Funke Akindele, Ngozi Ezeonu, Jibola Dabo, Nobert Young, Hakeem Rahman, and Yinka Olukunga, ‘‘tells the story of a church with perfect reputation and holy people with unholy secret’’.
Speaking on the relevance of the movie, the producer Wale Adenuga said ‘‘a story like that which was told in ‘The Perfect Church’ is not one that should be limited to a few viewers; it is a movie everyone must see, so we are doing all we can to ensure it is is accessible for everyone’s viewing. According to WAP’s publicist, BigSam Media, the movie will also be debuted at the KS Cinema on Sunday April 24 in Ibadan, and on Monday April 25 at the Welcome Centre on Airport Road, Lagos, and at the Cultural Centre in Abeokuta.