Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tu Face’s record outfit to host ‘Live Beats’

Hypertek Entertainment and its management company, Now Musik, is set to host ‘Live Beats’ to dinner.
Currently in its 15th year, ‘Live Beats’ is a music TV programme that provides a “platform for budding artists as well as established acts and disc jockeys (DJs) to express themselves.”

Speaking about the show, which has featured music acts including the defunct Plantashun Boiz, Daddy Showkey, Orits Wiliki, Danny Wilson, KC Presh, P Square, Jimmy Jatt, Ras Kimono, Femi Kuti, Charly Boy, Zdon Paporella, Mighty Mouse & Remi, Zaaki Adzay, and Baba Fryo, the producer, Cally Ikpe, said perseverance has kept him in business.
“I have always believed that it just must work. It must work, since God gave me the vision. I’m very clear about it. I know it could go through hard times here and there, but I knew that eventually when the time comes, we’ll begin to reap,” Cally said.
He had revealed during the show’s 10th year anniversary held at Eko Hotel & Suites in 2006 that “We started [Live Beats] from almost a zero situation. By that, I mean an era when we tried to juxtapose music videos as produced by Nigerians and those of their international counterparts. Then, it was a pity doing so unlike the situation where now, the videos are played side by side and sometimes we even outdo them in terms of concept and even equipment. Now, you watch the international channels and see the chart system. There’s a Nigerian produced music video occupying number one position and then an American’s occupying number two or three. I thank God that we’ve been around long enough to see the music revolution happen. We’re savouring it now and I’m most proud of it.”

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