Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cossy Orjiakor: Haters forced me out of Nollywood

If Cossy Orjiakor were a swimmer, her area of specialty would probably be breaststrokes. She, however, chose showbiz. Though not on the tall side, the Anambra-born attention seeker sure knows how to flaunt her ‘endowment’ without any reservation.

She may not have made a name as a gifted actress, but Cossy is legendary for wearing clothes that reveal more than her cleavages. But unknown to many, her trademark breasts could sometimes be a source of embarrassment as she revealed to Klieglights.

Cossy has featured in a couple of home videos and a handful of musical videos with the likes of Abass Obesere, Pasuma Wonder and a host of others.

Both her fans and critics would have noticed that she has been out of circulation lately. When asked what has been happening to her, she said she has been doing some good stuff, which includes working on a music project at the moment.

“First of all, I’m no more going to involve myself in any movie again because haters and backbiters have forced me out of Nollywood. Acting is not a do or die affair for me, so I just had to leave acting for them,” she said.

A February 18 message on her facebook page read: “My pictures are cute and sexy. My grandchildren will know I was super hot and when they (breasts) finally fall I will look back at these pictures and smile.

“I’m a diva not your regular celebrity. I quit acting a long time now, so there is no bouncing back. I’m just little me, living my life to the fullest. The pictures and all I do are for my die-hard fans. If u don’t like me go hug transformer.”

She, however, revealed that a new project is under wraps for now and she would let the cat out of the bag soon enough.

Her words: “You all will know what I am up to when the time is right but for now I’m fully committed to my music career, though I’m not planning to release an album because all I’m doing now is to get myself more occupied.”

There is no middle ground with Ms Orjiakor. Her style and attitude is very much ‘in your face’. That explains why there is hardly a middle ground in people’s perception of her. Those who are for her support her all the way and her critics thinks she is something the cat dragged in.

Some see her as a sex symbol and she feels good about that.

“It feels good being seen as a sex symbol. I mean I get the chance to have all the attention,” said the young woman with the squeaky voice.

Not many parents will support a cause like Cossy’s, but she is lucky to come from a home like hers.

Her parents, she said, have always supported her in whatever she does. That, of course, includes her erotic dancing and near nude acting.

“They adore me,” she said of her parents. She revealed that she has been faced with various challenges in her life and the most challenging of them has being her decision to go into the music industry and she gives thanks to God for seeing her through.

Though little is known about Cossy’s love life, she said she is not all about sex, and that, in fact, she is a romantic lady.

“You may not believe it, but I am a very romantic person,” she added.

This, however, does not mean that she has not been having a healthy sex life. In her words, she has had a “busy sex life”.

Asking her to name the lucky guy in her life is somewhat a Herculean task. She declined, saying, “that is personal to me but the man in the picture is someone that allows me drive out in the middle of the night without asking me where my destination is, he truly loves me for who I am and I’m always committed to him in everyway.”

So, how soon does she intend to walk down the aisle with her lucky man? That would depend on when she is ready.

Handling the many men that are attracted to her must be a full-time job. She said that dealings with them would actually “depend on how good-looking they are but for now I have a man of my own.”

It probably won’t surprise many to hear from Cossy that the breasts she flaunts so much could actually be a source of embarrassment. She confessed that they once earned her the embarrassment of her life at a mini mart.

“My boobs popped out of the bra in a supermarket and people thought I was holding some huge water melons, it was really very embarrassing,” she said. When asked if she has been sexually harassed, an amused Cossy said, “Oh, a guy tried to squeeze my boobs, but I was not mad at him though.”

One would have thought a sex symbol like Cossy will have pornography stars as role models, but she said her only role model is her mother and according to her, she had an excellent growing up in Enugu with her mother.
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